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Phen375 WebsiteAustralian men and women who have tried to lose weight for a while have probably heard of Phentermine and the various negative aspects of this drug. However, few of heard anything about Phen375 despite the fact that it is as effective as Phentermine but minus the side effects. Phen375 is as effective at fat burning and appetite suppression as Phentermine. People who have used Phentermine for a while know how effective it was but probably discontinued its use owing to numerous undesirable effects. Phen375  is manufactured in labs which are regulated by the FDA which goes to prove that this time around this fat burner is safe for use.

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Results of Phen375 Fat Burner

We started with a few overweight test subjects who took Phen375 over the course of four weeks. We then recorded what they felt and how much weight they lost to conclude exactly what Phen375 was all about. We followed the dosage mentioned in the accompanying booklet which states that an average person needs to take 2 pills every day, one pill 20 minutes prior to their first meal and one 20 minutes prior to a large meal. The results presented below are from the four weeks that our test subjects took the drug.

  • First Week

During the first week our test subjects lost an average of 2 lbs without any exercise. However, all they did was take the pill as recommended and ate healthy. One test subject lost as much as 4lbs which is pretty good for the first week.

  • Works for Men and WomenSecond Week

During the second week again the average weight loss of 2lbs.

  • Third Week

During the third week the average weight lost was 4lbs because in week four we also asked our test subjects to exercise a bit. A 20 minute brisk walk a day was administered.

  • Fourth Week

An average of 3lbs was lost during this week mainly because the brisk walks were taken off the schedule, mainly to see how much less weight the subjects would lose if they do not exercise.

Side effects

One of the things we were concerned with during these tests was to make note of any side effects. The manufacturers of Phen375 claim that there are zero side effects but we found otherwise. Some side effects were headache, and nausea. However, both the headache and nausea can be attributed to rapid weight loss from Phen375 fat burning supplement. Hence, in the accompanying diet plan it is recommended to have regular small meals to provide energy to get through the day.


If you’re looking for a safe and quick way to shed those extra kilos then we highly recommend that you try Phen375. While our tests show that exercise does help you shed more weight, for someone people with physical disabilities this may not be an option. Either way the best way to maximize the effect of using this supplement is to eat healthy. Our opinion is that you’ll continue to lose weight at a fairly steady pace for some people it may slow down as they near their ideal weight.

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