Phen375 Australia: In-Depth Review

phen375-australia-websiteAustralian men and women who have tried to lose weight for a while have probably heard of Phentermine and the various negative aspects of this drug. However, few of heard anything about Phen375 despite the fact that it is as effective as Phentermine but minus the side effects.

Phen375 is as effective at fat burning and appetite suppression as Phentermine. People who have used Phentermine for a while know how effective it was but probably discontinued its use owing to numerous undesirable effects. Phen375  is manufactured in labs which are regulated by the FDA which goes to prove that this fat burner is safe for use. Phen375 Australia is a proven weight loss product that increases metabolism, decreases appetite, and burns off that stubborn body fat you’ve been trying to get rid of forever

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How Does Phen375 Work?


There are three fundamental components of effective weight loss: increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and burning body fat. Unlike other weight loss products that only target one or two areas, the ingredients in Phen375 target all three components necessary for losing weight.

You can read more about how these ingredients work to increase blood flow through blood vessels constricted by fatty tissue, allowing vital oxygen to get in and remove fat at the official website. Not only that, but the special blend of ingredients decrease the body’s ability to create fatty tissue, so there will also be less fat you need to burn off!

Phen375 Australia Ingredients: Powerful and Proven for Weight Loss

All the ingredients have either been prescribed for years to treat ailments from asthma to nasal congestion, occur naturally in nature, or are the same substances our bodies already produce:

Phen375 Ingredients

Dimethylpentylamine – a naturally-occurring substance found in geraniums. It was initially prescribed to treat nasal congestion but is now recognized for its ability to decrease appetite.

L-carnitine – an amino acid required by our bodies to break down fatty tissue, which is necessary for the generation of metabolic energy. L-carnitine is available as an over-the-counter nutritional supplement.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – a hormone produced by the body’s adrenal glands. DHEA helps to increase muscle mass, which in turn causes the body to burn more calories to support the increased muscle.

Trimethylxanthine – is the scientific name for caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and increases heart rate by stimulating nerve cells so they release epinephrine (adrenaline).

Capsaicin – a substance extracted from several varieties of chili pepper plants, which increases the production of body heat, assists in breaking down carbohydrates.

Sympathomimetic Amine – used as a decongestant and bronchodilator for people with asthma, but later discovered to produce physiological responses similar to those during adrenergic nerve activity.

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Results of Phen375 Fat Burner

We started with a few overweight test subjects who took Phen375 over the course of four weeks. We then recorded what they felt and how much weight they lost to conclude exactly what Phen375 was all about. We followed the dosage mentioned in the accompanying booklet which states that an average person needs to take 2 pills every day, one pill 20 minutes prior to their first meal and one 20 minutes prior to a large meal. The results presented below are from the four weeks that our test subjects took the drug.

  • First Week

During the first week the test subjects lost an average of 2 lbs without any exercise. However, all they did was take the pill as recommended and ate healthy. One test subject lost as much as 4lbs which is pretty good for the first week.

  • Works for Men and WomenSecond Week

During the second week again the average weight loss of 2lbs.

  • Third Week

During the third week the average weight lost was 4lbs because in week four the test subjects  were asked to exercise a bit. A 20 minute brisk walk a day was administered.

  • Fourth Week

An average of 3lbs was lost during this week mainly because the brisk walks were taken off the schedule, mainly to see how much less weight the subjects would lose if they do not exercise.

Side Effects of Phen375 Australia Fat Burner

One of the things we were concerned with during these tests was to make note of any side effects. The manufacturers of Phen375 claim that there are zero side effects but we found otherwise. Some side effects were headache, and nausea. However, both the headache and nausea can be attributed to rapid weight loss from Phen375 fat burning supplement. Hence, in the accompanying diet plan it is recommended to have regular small meals to provide energy to get through the day.

Is It Safe?

Yes, this amazing diet product is completely safe to use, with no reported negative reviews claiming side effects like irritability, nervousness or hunger. Phentemine375 has been made in an FDA-approved lab since 2009, and has been sold as an over-the-counter weight loss product in countries like the United States, Canada and  in Australia also for several years without any serious problems or health concerns.

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Does Phen375 Really Work?

You would be amazingly hard pressed to find someone here in Australia that would tell you that their weight loss journey was easy and simple, a breeze, something that took just about next to no time and effort at all – and much more likely to find a bunch of people that are still fighting the fight and looking for all the help they can get. And while the right diet and exercise plan is absolutely mission critical for any lasting results and real long term health, you need to make sure you’re leveraging all the power you can – and one of the best ways to do just that is with Phen375.

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder does Phen375 work, and you probably won’t be the last either – but you can rest assured that when you choose to unlock the power of Phen375 to change your body, you’ll have your answer to “does Phen375 work?

There are a lot of people that wonder does Phen375 work, and if you fall into that group you are in good company. Since the weight loss supplement world has blown up in popularity in the past decade or so more and more people have fallen into the trap of less than ethical marketers looking to make a buck – the same people that have tainted the industry are responsible for giving world class supplements like Phen375 a bad name. Take a look at these video testimonials from Phen375 customer who have had the desired weight loss effect and have actual proof to show:

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But you can rest easy, because not only does Phen375 work, it’s also one of the most powerful and popular all natural weight loss supplements anywhere on the globe. Comprised of the kind of proprietary blend of ingredients that go to work on reducing and preventing body fat in 6 different ways, you’ll be tapping into the kind of leverage that most people dream of – the kind of leverage that can change your life almost overnight.

Though there are a number of products on the market today promising the moon and the stars when it comes to weight loss, none can match the power and completely safe solution that Phen375 can

Just spending a minute or two looking for different weight loss supplements and solutions would turn up about a million and one different products all promising the sun and the moon, but you would almost as quickly notice that many of them would be hard pressed to live up to all the talk and hype.

There are very few products that are able to back up their claims, and none do it quite as powerfully and effectively as Phen375. If you’re serious about losing weight and looking to press every single advantage you can to make it happen – all without having to compromise your short or long term health in the process – you need to make sure you are leaning on the best weight loss supplement there is.

In Conclusion : Is Phen375 Worth It?

With scientific studies and individual experiences both supporting the claim that Phentemine375 is extremely effective at increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite and burning excess fat, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that you can have the same remarkable results as well. At a cost of approximately $2.50 a day, it’s extremely affordable as well.

If you stop to think about it, $2.50 is less than the average price of an energy drink which only lasts for 5 hours, and well below the average cost of most diet products.

While studies show that exercise does help you shed more weight, for someone people with physical disabilities this may not be an option. Either way the best way to maximize the effect of using this supplement is to eat healthy. You can search day and night for a diet product with better results, but you won’t be able to find it.

When it comes to safely helping you increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and burn off excess fat, there’s no product that can beat the amazing results of Phen375!

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Natural Weight Loss Supplements

There are so many diets and supplements being marketed these days.  So that is why it is very understandable for people to become very weary since they don’t know which ones really do the job and are healthy.  This is especially true with all of the concerns about all of the “miracles pills” which end up resulting in serious side effects, and in some cases, even death.

You want to find a supplement that will compliment the balanced diet and your current exercise regimen. There aren’t any pills that will magically burn all fat and large amounts of weight.  There are some that show promise but that is where research plays a major role on your journey to weight loss.  The following is information on some of the most popular ingredients that natural weight loss supplements use.

Garcinia Gambogia

Also called HCA and other names, the fruit rind on the plant is used to treat obesity.  It is believed to suppress the appetite and prevent storage of fat.  In addition it works to decrease belly fat.  Garcinia extract helps control the body’s cortisol levels which is how stress levels are controlled.


Fucoxanthin is a kind of antioxidant contained in edible brown seaweed like wakame, that can be found in miso soup that you get at many Japanese restaurants.  There are ongoing studies to find out how it works in humans.  However, in preliminary animal studies, it appears to target abdominal fat. The fat that is stored inside the abdomen has been linked with diabetes and heart disease.


This popular herbal supplement is utilized as a natural appetite supplement, however no clinical studies have been conducted on humans yet.  The main problem that Hoodia has is there are so many different companies that sell the pills and many of them are counterfeit.  That is why it is critical to do research and find a trustworthy company that is selling Hoodia.


These black seeds are loaded with caffeine.  They actually have twice the amount of caffeine that coffee beans do.  Guarana comes from the Amazon rain forest originally, and acts like a stimulant that increases energy.  However, it definitely shouldn’t be taken by individuals with heart conditions since it can stimulate the heart and system.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It has been used to burn fat.  Although apple cider vinegar might appear to be harmless, it does have some side effects.

Green Tea

Green tea is produced from  Camellia sinensis leaves, and its extracts are known to treat obesity and other conditions such as skin cancer and breast cancer.  It is used as well to protect the skin from sun damage and controls cholesterol levels as well.  When taken moderately it can be very useful.  It is contained in many different weight loss supplements such as Avesil.  There is caffeine contained in green tea extracts which might cause frequent urination, irritability, diarrhea, nausea and anxiety.

Bitter Orange

This herb is similar to ephedra and might raise blood pressure, cause abnormalities in the heart rate or increase heart rate.


Chitosan comes from crab shells.  It is believed to prevent fat absorption through binding fat molecules with the intestines.  There have been studies that show that chitosan supplements helps with weight loss.  However, it does have side effects associated with it like bloating and constipation.

Those are a few examples of the different natural weight loss supplements.  However like any other diet supplement out there, it is important for you to consult with your dietitian and/or physician before you try taking any weight loss or diet supplement.

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The Magic of L-Carnitine

Nine Benefits of Taking L-Carnitine

From the amino acids lysine and methionine, L-carnitine is synthesized in the body. Find out how you can increase your chances of success by adding this to your arsenal.

From the amino acids lysine and methionine, L-carnitine is synthesized in the body. Regardless of what your goals for bodybuilding and fitness are, gaining muscle or losing fat, you will greatly increase your chances of success it you add l-carnitine to your supplement arsenal. There have been studies performed on how carnitine works as far back as 1937. Let’s review some of the benefits that l-carnitine can have on your health and your goals.

1. Fat Loss

If what you want is to get lean, than the amino acid that is needed is this one. Long-chain fatty acids are transferred by l-carnitine, for example mitochondria and triglycerides, where they are able to be oxidized so they can produce energy. Carnitine has also been able to serve as an appetite suppressant and reduce fatigue. This is why; having l-carnitine in your arsenal can be a major asset when you are dieting. Not only will it help your body not to store fat, it will also increase your aerobic capacity helping you to burn calories.

2. Muscle Mass

If you are a hardgainer looking to pack on some muscle, then l-carnitine is also the perfect weapon. By using l-carnitine as a supplement, you can increase your strength and lift heavier weights; this means that in the long run your muscles will become bigger.

3. Bone Mass

A major concern for many postmenopausal women and senior citizens is bone loss due to aging. This of course can increase the chances of fractures, arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone diseases. The great thing is that, by taking l-carnitine, the bone loss process can be slowed down and the bone microstructural properties can be improved by decreasing bone turnover.

4. Immune System

L-carnitine is also an antioxidant which can prevent the damage that free radicals can cause to your healthy cells. This can be particularly helpful if you are training and dealing with a cold or other seasonal allergies.

5. Heart Conditions

Primary carnitine is used for conditions that are heart related. There have been clinical trials which have shown that along with conventional treatment, l-carnitine can be used for angina reducing the need for medicine as well as improving the ability of those dealing with angina to exercise without experiencing discomfort or chest pain. There have also been studies which have determined that after a heart attack, taking l-carnitine lowers the risk of suffering from another heart attack. They have actually given carnitine to help treat those suffering from heart disease.

6. Kidney Treatment

Carnitine is produced by the kidney so naturally, when someone may have or has been diagnosed with kidney disease, it is recommended that they take carnitine to help make up for its deficiency due to the kidney not producing it.

7. Male Infertility

For men who have attempted to have children yet have a low sperm count, it has been suggested and shown that carnitine can help improve both the quality and count of the sperm.

8. Breastfeeding Women

Normally one of the reasons why new mothers opt for breastfeeding is because of the amount of calories it burns, however one side effect of breastfeeding is that the body’s amount of carnitine is lowered. Although while pregnant the body has sufficient, you can prevent deficiency by taking extra carnitine. With the combination of breastfeeding and carnitine, new moms will actually lose that baby weight much faster.

9. Type II Diabetes

Those suffering from Type II Diabetes are also able to benefit from a carnitine supplement. The way that l-carnitine helps diabetics is by increasing glucose storage, glucose oxidation, and glucose uptake.


Anorectic Drug Addiction – Beware

What Are Anorectic Drugs?

Anorectics are drugs used to stimulate the central nervous system. The drugs are mostly in the form of diet pills used as appetite suppressants. They can be bought over the counter with or without a prescription. Sometimes, anorectics are sold illegally. Most brands make the drugs in the form of tablets or capsules meaning they can be swallows as pills. The danger with the use of this drugs is that they can quickly become addictive.

As appetite suppressants, the drugs lessen the desire to eat and are commonly used by overweight people seeking to manage or shed off a few extra pounds. Under proper used, anorectic drugs can give notable results in around four months. However, the best results are often through the use of the drug along with good dieting and exercising. The use anorectics for weight loss and weight management should not be long-term because the side effects can have severe health impacts.

Anorectic Use: Malnutrition and Addiction

Using the drugs without proper dieting when losing weight will not give the desired results rather make the user highly likely to get addicted to the drugs. People with a history of drug abuse should not use anorectic drugs. Anorectics are known to cause both physical and mental addictions.

Abuse of the drugs can lead to issues of malnutrition or rapid weight loss. Mixing anorectics with our substances such as alcohol is a big health risk. It can lead to severe health issues such as heart valve complications.

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