Buying Generic Phentermine Online

Is it possible to buy generic phentermine online? The answer is yes. There are many online pharmacies that are selling both brand and generic Phentermine online. But whether they are genuine, fake, or Phentermine alternatives, you will only find out once you have actually purchased.

Phentermine is a controlled psychostimulant drug for weight loss that can only be legally availed with the presentation of a prescription from the doctor. Be it generics or brand Phentermine, one cannot get it without Rx online or over-the-counter in the United States. Not everyone can use this drug due to its known side effects that vary from common reactions to serious side effects. The doctor needs to study first the medical history of the person seeking treatment to determine if he or she is qualified to receive Phentermine.

Some online pharmacies claim that they sell Phentermine pills online without the need for a prescription but when you check their sites, they are not selling genuine Phentermine but Phentermine alternatives. Other sites, on the other hand, advertise that you can buy an authentic brand or generic Phentermine online at their websites without prescription. However, upon close inspection of their order instructions, you will find out that they have an online or virtual doctor that will assess the medical history that you will provide by filling out the survey form. These sites recognize that selling Phentermine without Rx is illegal in the US and some countries. They are just selling this drug online to have an advantage over pharmacies that have no online presence.

Phentermine can never be purchased online or over-the-counter if you have no doctor prescription – that’s the reality. Offering generic Phentermine online or any of its branded counterparts with no prescription is just a marketing ploy of some retailers to get people to visit their websites. But the truth is, they cannot sell real Phentermine with no Rx else they will break the law. The competition online is tight as well thus they have to employ various marketing tactics to get people to their sites and buy from them. Some of them offer discount coupons, free shipping, bonus pills, or overnight delivery as part of their marketing strategies.

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Whether you buy the brand or generic Phentermine online the prescription will be required. It’s the only way to get this diet drug legally. But why persist in availing a drug that can only be used for short term period and comes with serious side effects when you can buy a research-proven, over-the-counter weight loss pill – Phen375? Phen 375 uses pharmaceutically-prepared ingredients and manufactured in FDA approved labs. It gives the same weight loss action as Phentermine but lacks the negative effects. Read the user reviews for Phen375 online to know how effective and safe this is for losing weight. You can take Phen375 for about $3.80 a day only – something that you cannot get with other weight loss products!