Fentraphen37.5: Can It Provide the Overweight Solution?

A fat burner that has been marketed as a “hardcore” supplement, the Fentraphen37.5 manufacturers claimed that this supplement is similar to prescription drug Phentermine. Allegedly, the phenylethylamine content in its formulation makes Fentraphen37.5 effective for shedding weight. This is the chemical compound that is usually found in chocolates that give that good feeling every time you eat them. The formula also has synephrine, a stimulant that is present in Phentermine. Do having these ingredients made Fentraphen37.5 truly effective? Let’s find out.

The Contents of Fentraphen37.5

Fentraphen37.5 might be a simple formula for weight loss but it is strong. It contains a 37.5 combination of the powerful compounds phenylethylamine and synephrine. These are all pharmacy-grade ingredients and they are present in the product in high but safe concentrations. Chromium picolinate. This chemical helps regulate glucose and insulin production and absorption.

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) – a substance that is naturally found in chocolates and has the capability to suppress appetite and improves the mood.
  • Synephrine HCl – a stimulant that is used as a replacement for the dangerous ingredient, ephedra – a popular ingredient in many weight loss pills and fat burning formula. The Fentraphen37.5 makers claim that only the good qualities of ephedra are found in synephrine and it will not cause any negative side effects.

Fentraphen37.5 Pros and Cons

This weight loss formula controls food cravings and helps in fat burning. It also helps in improving the user’s mood and does not require prescription during purchase. However, its cons include its price that is a little expensive than most weight loss products. It is indeed a very strong diet formula so ensure that you use it in moderation. If you are sensitive to stimulants, this is not good for you because of the powerful metabolism-booster synephrine that has been added to the Fentraphen37.5 formulation. It can cause blood sugar level imbalances, low blood sugar, dizziness, headache, restlessness, and respiratory difficulty.

For a simple formulation, Fentraphen has high levels of both ingredients, 37.5 mg each of phenylethylamine and synephrine. It can help you remove excess weight by keeping your appetite under control, burning more fat, and preventing weight regain for a long term. The manufacturers offer a 90-days money back satisfaction guarantee which means you can always return the product if you’re not satisfied with it and get a refund. A healthy diet and regular exercise along with Fentraphen37.5 could help in weight reduction. However, synephrine is a powerful stimulant that has been connected to extreme side effects such as heart problems reported by some people. What you need is a weight loss pill that has pharmaceutically-grade ingredients but does not cause side effects.

Phen375: Safe, Effective, No Side Effects

When it comes to effective and safe fat burning, you should check out Phen375. This weight loss supplement contains pharmaceutically grade ingredients that have been proven in scientific studies to deliver weight loss effectively and safely. It has Phentemine as the main ingredient – a substance that imitates all the positive and powerful effects of the controlled drug Phentermine but lacks the side effects. Other ingredients include Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, LongJack Tongkate ALI, Capsaicin-1.12, and 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine which are all pharmaceutically produced in FDA approved laboratories.

Phen375 has the strength of prescription drugs but can be legally acquired over the counter or from online retailers. It is also inexpensive because you just spend about $3.80 for a daily dose. So if you want to see amazing weight loss results then try Phen375 today.