Get Adipex Without a Prescription

Want to get Adipex without a prescription? Adipex is a weight loss drug for obesity treatment that is based on the active substance Phentermine Hydrochloride which has gain FDA approval in 1980. It is one of the most prescribed anti-obesity medications in the US. Adipex is still a very popular diet pill after more than 30 years of being in the market.

Phentermine Hydrochloride or simply known as Phentermine is a powerful drug for treating obesity that health experts usually prescribed to patients. Adipex is one brand of Phentermine that has appetite suppressive properties. It is a stimulant that acts like amphetamine by affecting the central nervous system.

Adipex and other Phentermine drugs are not available for purchase without prescription in the US, Canada, and other countries. This is due to the negative reactions that have been noted with the use of Phentermine. Assessment of the medical history of the person seeking treatment for obesity and obesity related conditions is done by doctors. If needed, laboratory tests will also be required. If the doctor’s evaluation showed that the person is fit to use Adipex then a prescription will be prepared that indicates the dosage and the length of treatment. That’s the time for one to buy Adipex over the counter. In case, Phentermine is not fit for the patient to use, the doctor could suggest other weight loss plans that would work for his or her condition.

What are the Side Effects of Adipex?

Adipex and other Phentermine drugs manifest common side effects such as a headache, sleep problems, dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach, tremors, dizziness, or restlessness. Adverse reactions that need immediate attention include:

  • Extremely high blood pressure;
  • Extreme feeling of happiness or sadness;
  • Swelling in the ankles and feet;
  • Severe chest pain;
  • Shortness of breath with mild exertion;
  • Allergic reaction to Phentermine;
  • Fluttering in the chest or pounding heartbeats; and
  • Irritability or confusion.

How to get Adipex without Prescription?

Adipex can be bought in both drug stores and online pharmacies with a prescription. If you want to buy Adipex without prescription, that is not legally possible. Online pharmacies that advertise that they sell Adipex without description are still releasing the drug after a prescription has been prepared to the customer with the help of a virtual doctor. If you cannot get a prescription from a doctor offline prior to ordering Adipex, online pharmacies selling real Adipex will require you to fill out a survey form with your medical information that will be assessed by their online doctors. So, prescription-less procurement of this weight loss medication is not possible or the seller will be breaking the law.

Phen375: Non-Prescription Weight Loss Formula

If you want a weight loss formula that is worth your money and time then choose Phen375. Backed by several studies for its effectiveness and safety for weight loss purposes, Phen375 is manufactured in FDA approved labs to ensure that the ingredients are superior to other natural ingredients. Since you cannot get Adipex without prescription as the severe side effects could be dangerous to your health, why not try the well-proven Phen375? No side effects, safe, and very effective for healthy weight loss! Try it to believe!