Grenade Fat Burners: Is It the Right Weight Loss Pill for You?

The Grenade Fat Burners is a weight loss pill that originated from the United Kingdom that was created for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and levels of fitness. Its manufacturer marketed it as the stronger fat-burning supplement in the whole world which works by increasing energy levels and body’s metabolism. The pills are artistically packaged in a “grenade” bottle. But does Grenade Fat Burners actually work as claimed? Let’s evaluate to find out.

The Contents of Grenade Fat Burners

The main ingredient of Grenade Fat Burners is Citrus Aurantium. This is a substance that is claimed to boost energy, control appetite, and help in fat burning. Other ingredients are:

Grenade Fat Burners list their main active ingredient as Citrus Aurantium, a substance that supposedly helps the body burn fat, boosts energy levels, and helps with suppressing appetite. The other active ingredients are:

  • Caffeine – a stimulant that increases the calorie-burning of the body.
  • Bitter Orange Peel – an appetite suppressive ingredient that also increases blood pressure and heart rate.
  • L-Tyrosine – boosts the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Coleus Forskohlii – a substance that increases the production of thyroid hormone.
  • Chromium Polynicotinate – a substance that is known to help in the regulation of the blood sugar levels and in the building of lean muscle mass as well as speeding up the metabolism.
  • Green Tea – a natural ingredient that helps enhance the metabolic rate of the body to speed up weight loss.

Grenade Fat Burners Pros and Cons

Grenade Fat Burners can increase the body’s metabolic rate and energy levels. The manufacturers of the product offer a money back guarantee to buyers who are not satisfied with Grenade Fat Burners. However, it can cause side effects such as dizziness, headaches, and restlessness. The weight loss product has no appetite-suppressing ingredient that has been proven in scientific studies. This diet pill carries and expensive price of $54 for a bottle of 100 capsules. Aside from common side effects, extreme reactions have been reported by users of Grenade Fat Burners such as skin flushing, sweating, strokes or seizures.

Overall, Grenade Fat Burners does not have any special ingredients that will make it different from other weight loss products in the market. The lack of clinically proven fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients make this ineffective for weight loss purposes. The Bitter Orange peel extract is a health concern because experts said that is as dangerous as the banned ephedra. Packing the pills in a grenade container is just a marketing ploy by the manufacturers to cover up the lack of evidence that the product really works. If you don’t want to waste your time and money for an expensive and unproven product then you should choose Phen375.

Clinically-Proven and Safe Weight Loss Formula: Phen375

Don’t gamble on a diet pill that will not be worth your time and money. Go for the one that is clinically proven safe, good, and effective for losing weight – the Phen375. It has pharmacy-grade strength but has no side effects and can be legally purchased without a prescription. Its main ingredient is Phentemine, a compound that works just like Phentermine in positive ways but will not cause any negative effects. Compared to Grenade Fat Burners that has the risky ingredient Bitter Orange peel, Phen375 only uses safe but potent synthesized chemical compounds that are prepared in FDA accredited labs.

Phen375 has been proven to be effective in suppressing the appetite, increasing energy levels and metabolism, helping burning fat, and building lean muscles. It also reduces the fat storage ability of the body. For only less than $4 for a daily dose of Phen375, you will not worry about strokes and heart attacks while losing weight safely and steadily. Try it to believe!