How Phenphedrine Really Works

Phenphedrine is a weight loss formula that is said to help encourage the CART reactions to give more appetite suppression, more fat-burning, and more energy. CART is the good guys in the chemical battle to lose weight that goes on in our brains. While the one considered as bad guys are the NPY that slows down metabolism, encourages food cravings, and gives low energy. Phenphedrine should be taken twice a day, 30 minutes before prior to breakfast and lunch in order for the diet formula to impede the action of the NPY and increase the weight loss process of the body. But how effective is Phenphedrine? Let’s assess its performance.

The Contents of Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine has a long list of ingredients and full of stimulants.

  • Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate -a caffeine-based stimulant that will supposedly give energy that lasts long and will not cause a “crash” when the effect runs out.
  • Yohimbine – a natural compound that removes fat and builds lean muscles.
  • Hops – a natural stimulant that relaxes mind and body.
  • Razberri-K – a substance that is extracted from red raspberries, and believed to encourage fat burning.
  • Evodiamine 98% – a thermogenic fat-burning ingredient.
  • Phenylethylamine – an amphetamine-like substance extracted from chocolate. It works as a mild aphrodisiac that triggers the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Ginger 20% gingerols – a ginger extract that is believed to have the properties to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Sclareolide 98% – a thermogenic substance that helps in burning fat.
  • Chocamine – a stimulant and antioxidant substance derived from cocoa.
  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine – a stimulant that provides and adrenaline-like energy to the body.

Phenphedrine Pros and Cons

This weight loss product controls food cravings and gives extra energy to the body. However, it can give a cocaine-like effect to the brain. The weight loss credibility is ambiguous because there’s no conclusive report given based on the research that has been done to Phenphedrine. The presence of several stimulants is dangerous as they can potentially cause side effects especially to people who are sensitive to them.

If you visit the product’s website, the manufacturer described Phenphedrine to be similar in effect with cocaine and amphetamine which will make you suspicious. The maker offers a lifetime money-back guarantee but it only applies to unopened bottles of Phenphedrine only. The lack of scientific support for its effectiveness in helping the CART to win over the NPY makes it unreliable to use. It would be to your own advantage to try a weight loss product that gives you more proven benefits than other products.

Phen375: The Better Option

When it comes to your health, it is not wise to take a gamble especially with losing weight. What you need is a diet formula that is safe to use; effective for weight loss yet does not cause rapid weight loss effect that will be dangerous to your health, and backed by several studies that support its weight loss claims – the Phen375.

Phen375 is a pharmacy-grade formula that helps in building lean muscle mass, suppressing the appetite, burning body fat, and decreasing the body’s ability to store fat. It is manufactured in FDA approved labs and contains laboratory-grade synthesized ingredients. Phen375 has no caffeine and causes no side effects. Buying it will be worth your money and time. Unlike Phenphedrine, you’ll be assured to see weight loss results that are steady and for the long term. For merely $3.80 a day, Phen375 will help you achieve a healthier and better physique without endangering your health. You have to try it to see the amazing results!