How Strong is the All-Natural Fucothin?

The nutrition company Garden of Life manufactured the natural belly fat buster Fucothin. It uses the substance extracted from algae and seaweed which is believed to have powerful thermogenic effects to the body. Fucothin is the only all-natural weight loss product that has undergone several scientific studies and it’s been around for years already. But does it give the weight loss strength that you want? Let’s see!

The Contents of Fucothin

Fucothin’s name was derived from the main ingredient of the weight loss product, Fucoxanthin which was extracted from brown and green seaweeds. It is a combination of natural ingredients that include gelatin, purified water, and pomegranate seeds. However, compared to the actual seaweed, the Fucoxanthin levels in Fucothin are higher by 250 to 500%.

  • Brown seaweed is a natural ingredient that is believed to help in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.
  • Fucoxanthin is both a carotenoid substance and a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from free radicals.
  • Pomegranate seed oil is a strong antioxidant that has the ability to produce a natural thermogenic response that can burn fat in the body.

Fucothin Pros and Cons

As said earlier, Fucothin is an all-natural diet formula that lacks any stimulants. It can increase the metabolic processes of the body in a healthy and natural way thus, breaking down belly fat. Fucothin is the only natural weight loss pill that was subjected to clinical trials and studies. However, it is not a vegan-friendly formula because it contains gelatin. It does not control the appetite and needs regular exercise and a balanced diet to produce weight loss. There are reported side effects on the prolonged use of Fucothin such as chest pain, abdominal cramping, and fever. Allergic reactions were also noted due to the brown seaweed and Fucoxanthin ingredients of the product. So if you have allergies to seaweed, this not the right weight loss formula for you.

It is not exactly known how the Fucothin ingredients work on the body but it does produce notable effects when combined with healthy diet and regular exercise. Fucothin melts stubborn fat in the belly. It is an all-natural diet formula but the result varies on various users. Taking it regularly can yield notable results. However, it is not at par with pharmacy strength formulation when it comes to weight loss.

Phen375: Over the Counter Pharmacy Strength Weight Loss Formula

If it’s a proven fat burner that you want then, Phen375 is what you should check out. It is a safe and good weight loss formula that you can easily purchase over the counter. The formulation is pharmacy-grade but does not require doctor’s prescription.

It contains synthesized ingredients that were purified to be at their most effective form at FDA accredited labs. Their purity and concentration are unrivaled by natural ingredients like those found in Fucothin. It has the same weight loss potency of the controlled-substance Phentermine yet there are no side effects. Taking Phen375 is an inexpensive product that can give you remarkable weight loss results that are safe, healthy, and backed by scientific studies. If you want to fit on that new sexy dress that you have, start takingPhen375 today!