Is Phen375 Legal in Australia

Phen375 is Australia’s #1 fat burner, offering both powerful fat loss and appetite suppressant effects that, when combined, result in a typical weight loss of between 3lbs to 5lbs per week. This product contains highly-purified ingredients that offer you a safe, effective fat burning solution, and is made in FDA-registered pharmaceutical laboratories. Bundle options are available for a variety of budgets, including a simple one-month supply or a discounted three-month package.

Is Phen375 Legal in Australia?

Phentermine as a supplement is banned in Australia because of it’s ingredient called DHEA. But, Phen375 is a completely re-designed supplement which does not have any DHEA present in it. It is manufactured in FDA approved labs in USA and the ingredients are potent and powerful to promote lasting weight loss without any side effects.

Phen375 Ingredients

Phen375 contains natural, high-purified ingredients that are perfectly legal in Australia, including:

Capsaicin = Capsaicin, cultivated from hot peppers, increases your blood flow and helps carry the other ingredients rapidly throughout your body.

1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride = This powerful thermogenic ingredient is similar to Ephedra, and will increase your metabolism, helping you to burn up to an additional 270 calories a day without any changes in lifestyle.

LongJack Tongkate ALI 50:1 = This powerful ingredient increases testosterone levels, helping you maintain and building muscle mass while making it easier for your body to burn stored fat.

L-carnitine = L-carnitine helps your body metabolize and transport fat.

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine = This difficult-to-pronounce ingredient is the magical substance that reduces your appetite, making it easy for you to stick to your diet while the other ingredients in Phen375 increase your metabolism and weaken your fat stores.

Ordering Phen375 in Australia

You can order Phen375 in Australia from Three different products are available at different price points. A 30-capsule bottle (one month supply) is available for $69.95 USD. If you want to reduce shipping cost and wait time, you can purchase a two month supply for $138.90 USD. For an extra discount, you can get a full three month supply for $227.80 USD, which includes a free 30-day bottle and a diet plan booklet. All orders are sent via Priority International mail via the USPS from Dallas, Texas.

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