Phentermine Addiction – Would You Risk Having It to Lose Weight?

No people would want to stay overweight and obese for life. Extra weight gives people low confidence and physical frustrations because they won’t fit into the clothes that they want and they would have a hard time maneuvering in cramped or crowded places. Most importantly, the extra pounds increase the risks of developing health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. This is why the need to lose weight is crucial to prevent the onset of severe illnesses and that’s where Phentermine comes in. However, would you risk Phentermine addiction in order to lose excess pounds?

How the Chemical Composition of Phentermine Works?

Phentermine is a prescription only medication that controls the appetite as a way of losing weight. It makes the user feel satiated for a long time. Adipex-P and Suprenza have Phentermine as the main ingredient and the latter is also used in combination with other ingredients for the weight loss pill Qsymia.

As one of the prescription weight loss medications, Phentermine is only prescribed to people who have obesity issues and those who failed to shed the extra weight with only exercising and dieting. It is not meant for people who only aim to shed a few pounds for vanity reason. With classification Schedule IV drug, Phentermine has habit-forming potential which is one of the reasons why it is strictly controlled in the US and other countries.

Why Avoid the Use of Phentermine?

Just like other drugs that have a chemical composition, Phentermine causes mild to severe side effects. It can deprive the user of much-need sleep because of its energy boosting capabilities that are also the effect of caffeine. Other side effects include chest pain, dry mouth, light-headedness, allergic reactions, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, low sex drive, and swelling in the lower extremities.

Phentermine might be a weight loss drug that is commonly prescribed by doctors for overweight and obese patients, it has several serious disadvantages. It is not recommended to use by pregnant or lactating women and persons with conditions like glaucoma, overactive thyroid glands, or high blood pressure. Most importantly, people with the history of drug abuse are not advised to take Phentermine drug.

Why is Phen375 a Better Choice than Phentermine?

Your health and life are important. Therefore, you should never put it on risk. Losing weight can avert the occurrence of life-threatening conditions but risking your life in order to achieve your weight loss goal is never smart. Based on reviews, Phentermine can actually make the user lose weight but the side effects are too strong to overcome. So why gamble on a chemical formula when you have Phen375 that can give you the weight loss results that you want – but in a less dangerous and affordable way?

Phen375 is clinically proven in building muscle mass, burning fat and increasing energy levels and metabolism. The main ingredient Phentemine is manufactured in FDA approved labs and functions similarly like Phentermine when it comes to weight loss effectiveness. By combining it with other fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients, you are assured that you will get high-quality Phen375 that is safe and effective but lacks the risk of Phentermine addiction. Try it now!