The Danger of Size Zero Pill Use

Look like a celebrity in you size zero dress! This is what the advertising and marketing say about Size Zero Pill. The drug name itself claims that you can get down to size zero with the use of this pill. This might be true but it will not be a safe kind of weight loss – it will be a very dangerous one! Size Zero Pill was approved in the medical world as the drug for the treatment of horse with asthma. If a person who is not a horse and does not have asthma will take the medication, it can be lethal.

Size Zero Pill causes an extreme thermogenic reaction in the body by dramatically increasing the basal temperature of the body in order to increase metabolism. It will make the blood pump faster in the veins and arteries to produce weight loss. A horse that is heavier and larger than a human may be able to withstand the extreme effects – but a human? It can be disastrous!

The Contents of Size Zero Pill

Clenbuterol is the main ingredient of Size Zero Pill. It elevates heart rate and body temperature to increase fat burning and metabolism.

Size Zero Pill Pros and Cons

This weight loss drug radically shrinks fat. This sole advantage of Size Zero Pill brings a lot of cons too. Rapid weight loss is not healthy and can cause long-term cosmetic and physical side effects. The drug is not medically approved for losing weight, it was created for asthmatic horses. Extreme and deadly side effects are highly possible. It can give you panic attacks, anxiety, stroke, severe heart palpitations, or cardiac arrests.

Size Zero Pill does work very well! Not as a weight loss medication for humans but as a drug for horses with asthma! What might work in animals does not automatically works with people especially if the drug is used for different purposes. Drastic weight loss is not good either, in fact, this is not recommended at all due to the danger it poses to the health and life of the person.

Aiming for “size zero” can create a negative body image to healthy people but with the larger size. It is an unhealthy term that urges people to aim for a dangerous and unrealistic body size. Being “size zero” is not the only way to get attractive. Size Zero Pill is a dangerous diet pill because it is not safe for human consumption!

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