The Truth on 7 Day Fat Burner

Rapid weight loss in as short as one week. This product promises quick shedding of pounds of 14 to 21 lbs. in just seven days – a claim that would easily entice people who want to remove excess weight fast. But is there some truth to the weight loss effectiveness of 7 Day Fat Burner (7-DFB)? Is it safe to take?

Health experts said that rapid weight loss is dangerous and unhealthy. It is very risky and not good at all for your body. It is not recommended because it is not a safe way to lose weight.

The 7 Day Fat Burner is boldly marketed as the quick solution to overweight people. It is advertised that the diet pill has the ability to remove as much as 21 lbs. with just a week’s use. Anyone who does not make extensive research about the risk of losing weight rapidly would think that this product is a good one. But the truth is, this costly weight loss product would put their health at great risk.

The Contents of the 7 Day Fat Burner

It is important that you know what comprises anything that you put into your mouth. You should not just pop a pill in your mouth and hope that it works without considering the consequences that taking it would bring. Take extra precaution when it comes to diet supplements. The 7 Day Fat Burner contains a lot of ingredients that a very health-conscious person would carefully check just to be certain that they will not cause side effects to the mind and body. But, would you have the time and the patience to do that?

The 7 Day Fat Burner is made from the combination of the following ingredients: Flax seed powder, Potassium Gluconate, Glucomannan, Oat Bran Fiber, Chromium Polynicotinate, Psyllium Husk, Dandelion Root, and Anhydrous Caffeine.

The 7 Day Fat Burner has ingredients that are also contained in the 365 Day Diet Pill like caffeine.

7 Day Fat Burner Pros and Cons

Based on research, the ingredients of this diet pill may be able to lower cholesterol on a person’s body. However, the high caffeine content may cause harmful side effects such as anxiety, tremors, nervousness, and intensified heart palpitations to those people who are very sensitive to it. Also, this product comes at a hefty price which is 4 times higher than most diet pills.

If you ask if you can really shed some pounds with it, this is possible, but it would not be fat that you’ll lose – it would be mostly water. This means that you will regain the weight again soon once you rehydrate with water or any liquid beverages. Too much caffeine, a major ingredient of the 7 Day Fat Burner, can cause dehydration.  Dehydration and rapid weight loss are both dangerous. The healthiest and safest way to lose pounds is to do it gradually – 3 to 5 pounds a week is ideal.

Phen375 – the Best Choice

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