The Truth on Lipo 6 Diet Supplement

Nutrex Research created the diet supplement Lipo 6 which according to them helps fitness fanatics to developed lean muscle mass. The “advanced fat loss formula” employs a more scientific approach in tackling the six fat receptors to burn fat effectively and faster. Lipo 6 is in liquid gel form which makes it easier and quicker to digest than ordinary pills. This popular weight loss supplement is a new version of the original supplement that previously contained ephedra – a banned substance in the US. All other ingredients were retained in the new version except for dangerous ephedra. But does it provide the weight loss that you want?

The Contents of Lipo 6

Lipo 6 contains 6 main ingredients that increase the thermogenic process that is vital for speeding up metabolism to burn fat quicker. Due to its liquid gel form, Lipo 6 digests rapidly and the effect is quickly felt by the body. The six ingredients are the following:

  • Bioperine – a substance that helps in the absorption of the fat burning ingredients of Lipo 6.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – a stimulant that gives extra energy to the body and increases alertness.
  • Yohimbine HCL – is a tree bark extract that is an alpha-receptor blocker that can deter the fat cells located in the upper thigh area thus, decreasing stored fat in the process.
  • Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) – is a substance related to ephedra that stimulates three key fat receptor-fighting components.
  • Coleus Forskohlii – is a natural thyroid booster that keeps this important metabolism-regulating gland active when dieting.
  • Carnitrex – is a Lipo 6 term for carnitine that oxidizes fatty acids.

Lipo 6 Pros and Cons

Lipo 6 a well-known weight loss supplement that has several positive reviews. It is also not too expensive like other fat burners in the market. However, the synephrine ingredient is usually not favored in weight loss supplement. There’s no scientific evidence that Lipo 6 claims are real thus it is highly not possible that “targeted” fat reduction really works. The presence of stimulants in the product causes side effects such as anxiety, jitters, nausea, and upset stomach. It can also cause insomnia if you take it at night. Lipo 6 can trigger instability in blood sugar and thyroid hormones thus it is important to seek doctor’s advice before taking the product if you have thyroid and blood sugar issues.

Based on Nutrex, the company that manufactures Lipo 6, the formula targets specific fatty areas of the body based on the user’s gender. In women, stubborn fats are located in the buttocks and thighs while for men have more fat in the stomach area. These should be the areas of the body that Lipo 6 should target. However, this is not physiologically achievable as a reduction in specific areas of the body is normally produced by fluctuating hormones. Also, fat loss is not just for certain areas, it happens all over the body. No diet supplements or patches can isolate particular body parts accurately.

The use of synephrine as one of the main ingredients is not credible for weight loss purposes as per researchers. Some of the ingredients in Lipo 6 might be useful for losing weight but the product itself has not been tested scientifically for weight loss.

Phen375: The Better Choice

Phen375 is the weight loss product to look into if it’s safe, effective, high-quality, and affordability that you look for. With its pharmacy-grade ingredients that have been processed under strict laboratory conditions, you are guaranteed to get the real weight loss that you paid for. Safe, no negative effects, and scientifically proven! Phen375 controls cravings for food but gives you more energy to perform more challenging activities. It reduces the capability of the body to deposit fat but increases metabolism to burn fats that were already stored by the body. Unlike other diet supplements that result in muscle loss, Phen375 build more lean muscles.

With Phen375 you can lose weight for about 2 to 5 pounds per week which are healthy compared to rapid weight loss products that can endanger your life. Dreaming of a fitter physique? That’s possible with Phen375! Try it now and see the amazing results!