Weight Loss Results of Fenphedra

This weight loss formula claims to be a “high performance” one but if you look at the ingredients used in Fenphedra, it is comprised only of mood-enhancing substance and a few mild stimulants that profess to improve the mood and well-being of the user. The manufacturers believed that they have discovered the absolute solution to a weight problem that will provide long-term weight loss results. They said that Fenphedra aids the good guys (CART) in winning against the bad guys (NPY) in the constant battle for supremacy in the brain’s hypothalamus. Feedback from the customers look really good but let’s see if it’s the real truth.

The Contents of Fenphedra

There are two ingredient categories in Fenphedra: the CART activating ingredients and the NPY inhibitors. The CART activating ingredients are stimulants that can increase the metabolism of the body. While the NPY inhibitors can tamp down the function of the NPY or the “bad guys” that increases the appetite and lessens metabolism and body temperature.

CART Activators:

  • Chocamine – is a potent mood enhancer that supposedly reduces stress levels and boosts the thermogenic response in the body.
  • Dicaffeine malate is a caffeine-like substance that increases energy and boosts the thermogenesis in the body.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) is another mood enhancer that supposedly helps you eat less and feel satiated quickly.
  • Synephrine HCI is a substance with similarity to the powerful weight loss substance ephedra that is now banned in the United States.

NPY Inhibitor:

  • Humulus Lupus is a mild stimulant that gives a calming effect after the boost in energy levels.

Fenphedra Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, there’s no weight loss advantage to using Fenphedra. The disadvantages, however, should be something you have to carefully consider before buying the product. It relies on caffeine to burn fat. People who are sensitive to stimulants might feel some side effects such as tremors, sleeplessness, nervousness, and others. Fenphedra is an expensive diet formula with the price of $179.95 a bottle and manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee which would be too risky for someone with a limited budget.

The yin-yang hypothalamus theory cannot be validated due to lack of clinical studies or trials that support it. Not all weight loss claims by customers are genuine as there’s no scientific evidence that Fenphedra really works as claimed. The ads on Fenphedra relies on its resemblance to ephedra even though it is not included in its formulation. The makers of the product cannot be contacted even through their own website. This makes Fenphedra unreliable because even the manufacturers are not confident enough to handle the questions, feedback, or comments about their product. So why should you take a risk for an expensive product that has no proven track record for real weight loss? Best you check out Phen375 instead!

Phen375: Proven, Safe, and Effective Weight Loss Formula

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This fat burner is prepared in FDA approved labs to give you a high-quality product that is good, safe and proven effective in scientific studies. You can buy Phen375 online or over the counter legally even without prescription. Why put yourself at risk with unproven Fenphedra when Phen375 gives you a better option? So don’t delay your journey towards a fitter physique and well-being – try Phen375 today!